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Frequently Asked Questions about Laredo International Airport

Laredo International Airport offers two convenient customer parking options.  The Hourly/Daily Parking Lot is closest and just across the street from the Terminal while the Economy Parking Lot is a short walk to the Terminal.  Customers may use either parking facility for both short-term and long-term stays (visit Parking Rates).  Both parking facilities are completely automated, allowing customers to enter and exit each parking lot without interfacing with a cashier.

Customers paying the parking fee with cash MUST do so at the Pay-on-Foot machine located inside the Terminal entrance BEFORE returning to your vehicle.  No cash payments are accepted by the parking equipment at the parking facility exits. Customers may also use a credit/debit card to pay their parking fee at the Pay-on-Foot machine.

Thank you for choosing to park at Laredo International Airport.

The first 30 minutes of parking at Laredo International Airport in the Hourly/Daily lot is free of charge, and the first (1) hour of parking in the Economy lot is free of charge. Normal parking charges apply after the first 30 minutes to 1 hour of parking.

The first 30 minutes of Free Parking applies only to the first day in the Hourly/Daily lot, and the first 1 hour of Free Parking applies only to the first day of the Economy Lot. 

Each parking lot at Laredo International Airport is completely automated – no cashier is present at the exit.  For your convenience, we accept cash and credit/debit card payment at our Pay-on-Foot machine located inside the Terminal. The parking facility exit lane devices accept credit/debit card payment only (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS).

Cash Payments:

  • All cash payments MUST be paid using the Pay-on-Foot machine located inside the Terminal entrance before returning to your vehicle. Customers can also pay with a credit or debit card at the Pay-on-Foot machine.
  •   Once completing the parking fee payment with cash at the Pay-on-Foot machine, you have 60 minutes to exit the facility before additional parking charges may apply.

Credit or Debit Card Payments:

  • Proceed to exit plaza and use the exit payment equipment to process your parking fee payment
  • Insert parking ticket into slot labeled “Please Insert Ticket”
  • Parking fee due will be displayed on the screen
  • Insert and remove card into slot labeled “Credit Cards” – magnetic stripe down and to the right
  • Parking receipt is automatically printed and issued for your convenience
  • For assistance, please press the “Intercom” button

A prepaid Laredo Airport Parking reservation allows you to secure and pay for your parking spot in advance, ensuring availability and convenience upon your arrival.

If you have lost your parking ticket, please press the Intercom button on the parking lot exit payment equipment for assistance, or call the parking Facility Manager at (956) 516-7837.

If you believe you have lost a personal belonging during your travels or while on Airport property, please contact Airport Lost & Found at (956) 795-2001 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Customers leaving their vehicle in a Laredo International Airport parking facility for longer than 30 days must contact the Parking Manager at (956) 516-7837 and make arrangements for an extended stay. Any vehicle that is present more than 60 days with no prior arrangement is subject to tow and storage fees at the owner’s expense.

All parking facilities at Laredo International Airport are open surface lots and there is no height restriction to park in these facilities.

Large, oversized vehicles or vehicles with trailers are not permitted at Laredo International Airport.

Designated parking spaces are located at the front of each parking facility for customers with physical challenges.

For a courtesy on-demand ride service between the Economy Lot and Terminal, please call (956) 516-7837.


Laredo International Airport offers parking for Handicapped Parkers and Disabled Veterans. However, this parking cannot be purchased ahead of time and is available on a first come basis.

Marked disabled parking spaces are located in the front row of the Hourly/Daily Lot, closest to the terminal facility. Disabled parking is offered in the Hourly/Daily Lot at a discounted daily maximum parking rate of $5 per day for vehicles displaying a valid state-issued disabled permit or placard.

If you park in an Hourly/Daily Lot disabled parking space, please visit the parking counter within the airport terminal, or call (956) 516-7837. Please provide your handicap placard and state identification to the attendant on duty before returning to your vehicle, and an attendant will place a validation sticker on your parking ticket.

As you exit the Hourly/Daily parking facility, simply insert your ticket into the exit lane device and your discount will be calculated automatically.

Laredo International Airport does not currently have electric vehicle charging at our parking facilities. We are currently exploring the potential of adding this option in the future.
If you require assistance for a battery jump, tire inflation, to locate a lost vehicle or for a courtesy on-demand ride service between the Economy Lot and Terminal, please call (956) 516-7837.

For additional information on parking at Laredo International Airport, please contact the parking operator, SP+ Airport Services:

Phone: (956) 516-7837