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Parking Rates

The rate structure for parking at Laredo International Airport varies by parking lot location: 

Hourly/Daily Parking*


0 – 30 mins Free
30 – 60 mins $2.00
After 60 mins +$1.00 per hr
Daily Max Rate $10.00

Economy Parking*


0 – 1 hour Free
1-2 hours $2.00
After 2 hours +$1.00 per hr
Daily Max Rate $5.00


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* The first 30 minutes or 1 hour of Free Parking (for the Hourly/Daily or Economy Lot, respectively), applies only to the first day. Each day after the first day is subject to the posted maximum daily rate for each parking lot.

Please visit the FAQs for details on Payments, Lost Tickets and Extended Stays.


Marked disabled parking spaces are located in the front row of the Hourly/Daily Lot, closest to the terminal facility.
Disabled parking is offered in the Hourly/Daily Lot at a discounted daily maximum parking rate of $5 per day for vehicles displaying a valid state-issued disabled permit or placard.

If you park in an Hourly/Daily Lot disabled parking space, please visit the parking counter within the airport terminal, or call (956) 516-7837. Please provide your handicap placard and state identification to the attendant on duty before returning to your vehicle, and an attendant will place a validation sticker on your parking ticket.

As you exit the Hourly/Daily parking facility, simply insert your ticket into the exit lane device and your discount will be calculated automatically.